Our Vision

To enable Iceland to lead the Personal Data Economy

Our Mission

To facilitate innovation and collaboration between entrepreneurs, businesses and public institutions in the delivery of value exchange between individuals and value providers in Iceland and abroad in the Personal Data Economy

Our Value Proposition


Empower individuals 

When individuals own and control their personal data they are empowered to make better life choices


Empower businesses

Icelandic businesses have access to rich data on their customers, so can provide the personalised solutions that customers demand


Empower a global entrepreneur ecosystem

Personal Data Economy is new platform for entrepreneurs and startup founders. The local entrepreneurs, startup founders and developers will be able to develop solutions on the Personal Data platform that can be exported globally

Increase efficiency and reduce cost of government servicesgovt

  • Iceland International PR: Iceland will be seen as a world leader in The Personal Data Economy
  • Attract Foreign Direct Investment: Foreign companies will want to invest in Iceland due to the unprecedented visibility of the customer base


Enable Multinational Companies to invest in Iceland

  • Enable multinational companies of all sectors to develop their Personal data Strategies and offerings in a controlled environment before rolling out to their commercial territoriesshopping_cart
  • The Living Lab of Iceland is the ‘One Stop Shop’ for Personal Data Research &

What is the Personal Data Economy

“Putting the power back in the hands of consumers will develop a trust with brands that makes for a more productive relationship.” (Marketingweek.com)

Individuals will hold their own data and give permissioned and specific access to the companies they wish to share their information with.

As an opportunity, businesses will then have access to not only “slivers of customer data” as they have at present, but “rich accurate customer data” from a variety of sources to deliver the personalised services their customers demand. This Value Exchange is called the “Personal Data Economy” as seen in the image below.


unspecified-2Digi.me is one of the enablers of the Personal Data Economy where value for Personal Data exchange is seamless.

Your data is yours

The digi.me app lets you, the individual, bring all your data back in a secure personal library of your choice and do more with it. Digi.me never sees, touches, nor holds the data, ever.

Your data is powerful

When it’s all in one place, you can search and discover it as never before. Know yourself better, get surprising insights and make smarter choices too.

Your data is valuable

Today, that means collating and sharing social posts with friends. Soon you will be able to share it with businesses for personalised offers.

Digi.me can already be downloaded for free to manage your social media data. Health, telecommunication and banking data to soon be available.